Monday September 23, 2019-Starehe MP, Charles Kanyi, popularly known as Jaguar on Sunday asked Deputy President William Ruto to allow him beat up his Embakasi East counterpart, Babu Owino.

Speaking in Kayole on Sunday, Jaguar said he is ready to teach Babu Owino a lesson for insulting Deputy President.

Njagua also said that it was not proper for younger leaders to disrespect their seniors and that all he needed was to fight Owino again for the lesson to properly sink in.

“I am the elected MP from Starehe and I want to tell you that we love you and we shall serve you to ensure that you represent Nairobi youth. We also do not want politics full of insults.

"Your excellency there is a young boy called Babu Owino who insulted you recently. I am asking your permission to let me beat up that boy again and embarrass him, your Excellency," Jaguar begged.

In October 2017, the two lawmakers made headlines after they were involved in a scuffle at Parliament Buildings.

Jaguar and Owino traded blows after the afternoon session started and had to be separated by parliament staff.


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