Friday, September 6, 2019 - The owner of the lavish Kiza Lounge, a high end entertainment club in Kilimani that has  been the hunting ground for Nairobi slay queens since 2014 when it was opened, has been deported by the Government over crime related links.

The flashy “businessman” who is identified as Ali Oumarau, a Niger national, has been selling hard drugs and leading an international criminal gang that is involved in fraud and money laundering.

A spokesman at the Interior Ministry said that Ali is also wanted in other countries over his involvement in crime.

“His work permit had expired and we realised that he was part of an international criminal gang,” Wangui Muchiri, the spokesman at the Ministry said.

However, she declined to divulge details whether the Government will reposes the property he has left behind including his lavish club and apartments.

The Kenyan DAILY POST has learnt that Kiza Lounge is a drug haven where all kinds of hard drugs ranging from cocaine to heroin are available for sale.

Ali has been paying protection fee to rogue police officers so that he can operate the drug business inside the club.

Rich kids who are addicted to hard drugs have been frequenting the high end joint.

The club is also the favourite joint for top city fraudsters, drug dealers and shrewd businessmen.

Slay queens are counting huge losses because Ali used to organize sex orgies where he paid them good money to have sex with him and his fellow gang members.

They are also panicking after hearing these news because Kiza Lounge has been their hunting ground.

They fear it must be shut down after the owner was deported.


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