Monday, September 2, 2019-Kiambu  is one of the counties where land has become very expensive.

There’s a high demand for land in the county which is mostly developed into real estate, mostly consisting of lavish apartments and mansions.

Places like Ruaka and Limuru have been turned into middle class estates where rent for  1 bedroom apartment goes for as high as Ksh 25,000, depending on the proximity to the road.

The Kenyan DAILY POST has learnt that  men around Kiambu are lured by investors with millions, forcing them to sell inherited land.

Sadly, they waste all  the money on prostitutes and alcohol, reducing them to paupers.

Some have squandered the millions they got  after selling the inherited land and end up sleeping in the streets like chokoraa.

Follow this thread and see shocking confessions on how Kiambu men are being reduced to paupers after selling inherited land.

Is there a curse in selling inherited land?



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  1. Hey, sio kiambu peke yake. This shit ie happening everywhere. Just heard in Uasin Gishu that an elderly mega farmer has opted to rent out thousands of acres to a mzungu because his inebriated sons cannot do what the old geezer used to do with ease. Now these sorry ass drunks are openly saying that the moment the mzee kicks the bucket, they will each sell of like 100 acres to drown their sorrows as they mourn or celebrate the death whichever way you want to look at it.

    My take is kila mtu ajitafutie mali yake. That mzee should sell off most of the land and allocate each child just enough land to subsist on. Wajitafutie vile alijitafutia. Now i understand why Mzee Kibor wnated to shoot one of his sons over land. These current generation of upstarts just want to laze and run after slay queens who will milk them dry of their inheritance.