Friday September 27, 2019 - US President Donald Trump acted swiftly against seven wealthy Kenyans who were dubbed security threats to the powerful nation.

Trump's administration imposed sanctions on these Kenyans citing their alleged involvement in the funding of terror groups.

In a document which was issued on Wednesday, September 25th, the US Department of Treasury announced that the US would seize their assets and also bar them from entering into financial dealings with Americans.

The document mentioned Garissa-based Sheikh, Hassaan Hussein Adam (Hussein), Sheikh Hassaan (Omar), Hassan Mahad (Omar) and Hassan Mahat into the longlist of terror suspects on the US radar.

Egyptian-born Kenyan citizens, Al Masri, Abd Al Wakil (Ali) and Moustafa Ali Elbishy joined the list that also includes Abdifatah Abubakar Abdi alias Muhajir or Musa, a Mombasa-based Somalia national. 

Trump also narrowed down on Garissa-based Alharamain Foundation, variously referred to as Al-Haramain Foundation, Alharamain Humanitarian Foundation or simply Al-Haramain.

In April 2019, the US Government turned its guns towards a Kenyan accused of funding ISIS activities as it ravaged the war-torn areas.

The Treasury Department also revealed that Halima Adan Ali, who is based in Kenya, was part of a network of criminals who wired more than Ksh15 million towards Al Shabaab.


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  1. well done Trump. kenya needs to send these dev 1s away