Monday September 23, 2019-Sister of murdered Dutch tycoon Tob Cohen, Gabrielle Van Straten, has shocked the country after It emerged that she will not attend the burial of the tycoon.

Speaking on Sunday, her Lawyer Cliff Ombeta revealed that Gabrielle and her husband had left for the Netherlands because of personal reasons.

This is after she was linked to the murder of her brother, a link that the DCI is now pursuing even as they continue to hold onto his wife, Sarah Wairumu, as the prime suspect in Cohen’s murder.

Gabrielle inherited most of the billionaire's property, including his palatial house, his bank account balances and 50% of his estate.

Cohen will be laid to rest on Monday (today) at the Jewish cemetery on the Wangari Mathai Road.

Last week, Gabrielle and Cohen’s estranged wife, Sarah Wairimu, met and agreed on the burial arrangement for the late tycoon.


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  1. I have also heard but am still wondering whether we have a competitive DCI and judiciary

  2. It's not a surprise to me coz I believe Sarah is innocent

  3. Let us leave the law take it's cause on this matter... Tob never deserved that kind of murder and i pray earnestly that the real killers be apprehended like yesterday and be judiciously dispensed with. The should never be roaming freely among us

  4. The investigation department we have in Kenya is very that it didn't toss the coin Northside.How come somebody could neglected his adopted child for his married sister who was enjoying life in Nethland while they were struggling with his wife