Sunday September 15, 2019-A section of residents from Kandundu village, Kiharu constituency are distressed due to the infestation of strange flies in the area.

The locals noted that the flies, which are believed to come from the nearby Gatogi dumpsite, leave eggs on their skins and are very painful.

“Several larvae have been removed from my armpit, backside and thighs while some were removed from my children’s legs and head. We fear what will happen if the flies continue biting us,” Ann Mwangi stated, a resident of Kandundu village.

The fly is said not to transmit disease-causing pathogens but the larvae of Dermatobia hominis (the human botfly) is known to live through the larval stage in the subcutaneous layer.

This causes painful pustules that secrete fluids.

Murang'a County Health Executive, Joseph Mbai, stated that the dumpsite would be fumigated.

“The cases of strange diseases have been reported to us and we have commenced investigations," he noted.

Mbai further urged leaders to quit squabbling and agree on building a landfill in the area.
"I urge Murang'a leaders led by Senator Irungu Kang'ata to stop opposing the construction of Gikono landfill since it is the only solution to the disease-causing flies since we will stop open dumpsite disposal and bury the solid waste,” he added.



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