Thursday, September 19, 2019 - The granddaughter of the late billionaire businessman and politician, Njenga Karume, is dead.

26 year old Michelle Karume who was battling cancer,  died in the US last Saturday after pleading with Kenyans to help her contribute for medical funds.

The young lady pleaded for help on social media and said that she lacked basic medicine such as painkillers despite her grandfather’s billions.

Michelle was among the grandchildren that Karume had put in his will as beneficiaries of his vast estate that is estimated to be worth Ksh 17.8 billion.

Njenga Karume’s family has been fighting in court over the property and wealth he left behind.

During a past court session, Michelle interrupted lawyers and cried to the judge saying she was dying of cancer and couldn’t afford medication.

The judge directed trustees of Karume’s estate to provide the required funds to meet her medical expenses.

In the last letter she wrote before her death last Saturday, Michele said that time was running out and her grandfather’s billions were not helping her.

The young lady couldn’t understand why there was no money to help her get treatment and accused her family of neglecting her as they fight in court over the late politician’s wealth.

“The clock is ticking while every day, I sit by my phone to hear some good news on funds but three months later, I am waiting here. Still waiting for my phone to ring but in return, I get less communication to a point nobody can pick up my calls,” she wrote.

Michelle has been battling cancer since 2016.

Lack of funds has seen her miss out on a crucial clinical trial which could have prolonged her life.

She flew to the US last December for treatment hoping that the medical funds would be unlocked by Njenga Karume’s family.

However, she was left to die by Karume’s family as they fight for his wealth in court.

She enrolled for clinical trials in January and latter dropped out over lack of money.

She had expressed her wish to come back home before she died last Saturday.

Here’s a photo of the late Njenga Karume’s granddaughter who was left to die in pain despite her grandfather’s billions.


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