Monday September 16, 2019-The recent discovery of murdered Dutch Billionaire Tob Cohen's body that was retrieved from a manhole in his Kitusuru home in Nairobi certainly left all fingers pointing towards his wife, Sarah Wairimu.

However, the Dutchman's sister, Gabriele van Straten, surprisingly enough still managed to speak well of Wairimu, despite the recent revelation.

In a video, Gabriele still maintained she still saw good in her sister-in-law, in spite of the fact that she was the main suspect in her(Gabriele) brother's murder case.

"Sarah was one charming and entertaining and person," pointed out Cohen's sister.

The Dutchman's brother-in-law only identified as Roy also could not hide how he still held Ms. Wairimu in high regard.

"She was a nice-looking woman, well-educated and very well-spoken. Her culture was different from ours but we respected that. I cannot say anything negative about her, absolutely not," admitted Roy.

According to Cohen's family, the ongoing circumstances put aside, Sarah's character could not be compared to what she is portrayed as. 


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