Saturday, September 14, 2019-It has now emerged that Sarah Wairimu, the wife to the late Dutch tycoon Tob Cohen is a serial murderer.

Sarah is the prime suspect in the macabre murder of  Tob, who was murdered in his palatial home and then buried in a septic tank.

Detectives discovered the tycoon’s body on Friday afternoon after 40 days of investigations.

Initially, Sarah had lied to detectives that her late husband had flown to Thailand for specialized medical attention after he was reported missing.

Details of a murder that Sarah committed in 1999 have emerged.

The evil and heartless woman planned for the murder of a board member in Cohen’s company.

She then manipulated her late tycoon husband to replace her with the dead board member.

Before Tob died, he had accused Sarah of physical assault and reported the matter to police.

He even posted a video online showing the  injuries that his wife had inflicted on his body and told close friends that if he dies, his wife should be held responsible.


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