Sunday, September 29, 2019-Former Kipkelion MP, Magerer Langat, has gone broke after wasting his fortunes when he was one of the most vocal politicians from Rift Valley.

The former ODM party executive director, who was ejected from the “chungwa” party and chased away like a dog during the party’s parliamentary group meeting at Orange House in 2014 after he fell out with Raila Odinga, now works as a driver of a former Governor.

Langat was forced to eat a humble pie and seek for a job from the former Governor after life became tough.

These days, the once outspoken MP is seen driving the former Governor around for meetings and public barazas.

He never leaves the car when the former Governor is in the meeting or running other errands.

Most of his politician friends including his former boss Raila Odinga have neglected him and cut communication, forcing him to retire to the village where he lives a humble life.


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