Saturday September 21, 2019-In the next couple of months, a number of officials in the Orange Democratic Movement party will be sacked to pave way for reforms.

This is after it emerged that former Prime Minister Raila Odinga is keen to oversee fundamental changes in the party, as he prepares perhaps for the fifth and final stab at presidency.

Speaking in confidence, one of Raila Odinga’s confidence revealed that the former PM has stopped reaching out to his trusted lieutenants for advice, a paradigm shift from previous approaches.

In Kibra by-election nominations for instance, Mr Odinga seemed to change tactic, chosing to directly reach people at grassroots and the candidates themselves.

Previously, he would trust his own Secretariat to handle the matters, something that he's keen to avoid henceforth.

“It's is a new approach for us. We want to involve grassroots leaders as much as possible. These are our foot soldiers on the ground and who understand the real issues,” said Nairobi ODM chairman and Makadara MP George Aladwa.

“It was surprising and unusual for the party leader to call leaders to take their views on how best to approach the by-election as a team. He has only been attending big rallies during campaigns,” he added.

The source contends that Mr Odinga is keen to replace also the Secretariat, which has previously been accused of mismanagement and maladministration.

His decision is informed by recent taskforce report that revealed the party's main undoing is bungling of nominations, leading to rigging of strong candidates.

According to the insider, among those facing sack are Director Finance Joshua Kawino, Director Recruitment and Strategy Rosemary Kariuki and Executive Director Oduor Ong'wen.

"Most of the complaints lie squarely on their desk. He's not about to spare them. Heads shall roll. Just like he has shun a number of advisors, they will also be axed," stated the insider.



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