Thursday September 26, 2019 - Former Nairobi Women Representative, Rachael Shebesh, has said that it is only President Uhuru Kenyatta who knows why he is working with National Super Alliance leader, Raila Odinga.

Speaking on Wednesday, Shebesh who is also the Women, Youth and Gender CAS warned the people of Central Kenya against underestimating Raila Odinga who he claimed controls more than half of the electorate in Kenya.

“We should never underestimate the strength of Raila.”

“Do not …. Raila received votes from half of this country, alone and without money.”

“Uhuru is not stupid to work with Raila Odinga,” Shebesh said.

Shebesh also reminded the Mt Kenya electorate that the President‘s agenda is to leave behind a united country and that is why he is working closely with the NASA leader.

The former Women Representative concluded by saying that she is firmly behind the handshake and Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) saying these two ingredients will give Kenya a lasting solution to divisive politics.


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  1. Shebesh please take that nonsense to KIAMBURURU. Kikuyus are tired of dynasties and monarchies.

  2. As in the all previous elections, please Wambui note, only a paltry number of votes would trickle to Raila's bucket from the Kikuyus. Stop hallucinating that we will vote for him this time around. No, never ever.