SEX scandal rocks Kenya National Commission - Deputy CEO, DAVID OTIATO, was busted in Kitengela with chief accountant CATHERINE NYAKOBOKE.

The Kenya National Commission to UNESCO has been rocked by a sex scandal involving a deputy CEO David Otiato and a  married chief accountant, Catherine Nyakoboke. David Otiato, who  is also married, was the general manager finance at the institution and was Catherine  Nyakoboke’s direct boss, and in blatant disregard of HR policy, David Otiato started sleeping with Catherine right in the office, on desks and in the carpet.

This information came to light on on 6 July 2019, when Cate’s husband and his friends caught David Otiato and Catherine kissing and caressing each other at Enkare Pub and Restaurant in Kitengela.

She says the first time she had sex with Otiato was a few days after she reported to work and Otiato had sex with her in the office, while she held the table and David Otiato did it from behind. While weeping and begging for forgiveness, Catherine Nyakoboke further confessed to bewildered revelers at the pub that Otiato had promised her that he is working to get rid of the CEO so that when he becomes CEO, she will be the deputy CEO.

The drunk Nyakoboke further revealed to stunned onlookers, in her husbands presence that she paid Sh 500,000 to secure the job even though she was number three in the interview .

Back then, the CEO Evangeline Njoka and David Otiato who was then the general manager finance were in good terms and David Otiato told her that the money was to be divided between senior management and the board members. He said board members ‘ni watu wadogo’ and each was to be given Sh 15,000, but influential board members Esther Wanjau and Josephine Muriuki would receive Sh 30,000 each while Patrick Ochich was to get Sh 20,000.

The CEO Evangeline Njoka allegedly demanded for Sh 100,000 and the HR Manager David Looremeta allegedly demanded Sh 50,000. Cate gave the money to David Otiato in cash and as he said he had bribed the CEO, HR manager and all board members, and as he had promised, she got the job despite being number three in the interview. David Otiato was then promoted to deputy CEO and he quickly promoted Catherine to head the finance department.

But why would a government agency with serious funding and attached to an respected international body not do due diligence on their employee who is directly in charge of handling cash?

Catherine who is an ICPAK member, Eastern branch, when she was pregnant,  had been fired from Matlick company due to embezzlement and she even spent a few days in jail before she was bailed out.

When she joined KRA, she was also fired because she was caught receiving a bribe near Yukos Petrol Station in Kitengela. Instead of prosecuting her, the managers decided to fire her. All this information is available from her ex employers.

When she was fired from Avic Shantui, she joined the The Kenya National Commission to UNESCO , her boss at Avic, a gentleman named Jake, refused to give her a recommendation letter. She forged a letter together with David Otiato and had it signed by a ‘manager’ named Walter.

A simple phone to all her previous employers will reveal all the embezzlement cases that Nyakoboke has been involved in, while the body regulating accountants ICPAK and her boss cum lover,(see what I did there?) Otiato turns a blind eye.

According to ICPAK  rules, a recommendation letter is needed from previous employers to weed out corrupt and fake accountants who give the accounting profession a bad name. A simple phone call to her previous employers would have revealed the three case of fund embezzlement this ICPAK member has been involved in. But because Otiato was sleeping with Cate, and had already taken money from Cate, everything had to be done to ensure she secured the job.

Right now, Otiato who abandoned his wife at home to come ‘enjoy life’ in Nairobi sleeps, feeds and shits in Catherine’s marital home in Nyayo Embakasi. A spot check with Kiragu and Mwangi caretaker, will reveal that its Catherine’s husband who pays rent for the house, but Otiato is now known in Nyayo Embakasi as Catherine’s husband.

He managed to dislodge the husband by getting a court order restraining her husband from accessing the house or seeing the children. Now, in full presence of their pre teen children, David Otiato shamelessly undresses and sleeps with someones wife,, corrupting the children minds.

Three weeks ago, David Otiato attempted to go for an introduction at Catherine village but was chased away like a village chicken thief.

For a man who brags that he is the next CEO of The Kenya National Commission to UNESCO, claiming he has enough political connections to dislodge the current CEO, David Otiato is treading on thin ice by sleeping with junior members of The Kenya National Commission to UNESCO, accepting money to give jobs and soliciting for sex to promote his junior.

He has the protection of the board which he claims to bribe regularly.

Here’s a photo of the randy Deputy CEO.

See photo of his side-dish Catherine Nyakoboke.

Source: Cyprian Nyakundi.

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