Things happening at Hotpoint is not something that the Government or COTU should ignore.

A lot has been said on your platform but nothing has happened at Hotpoint,actually, things have become worse as every day we are threatened that if we do not want to work we can just resign and they can hire Graduates and pay much less.

At Hotpoint, a top manager once had an accident with junior staff in his team when coming from a drinking spree.

They were in his car, doing what Indians like when the car lost control or rather let me put it this way when he got too excited and lost control of the steering.

After the recovery, the lady in question was fired for “non-performance” .

This was all a strategy to wipe the shame at the lady’s expense.

Later on, we found out from the lady that his Indian manager tricked her to go with him to close a business deal.

Nothing was done to the manager, he is still there but the lady was dismissed.

We as staff at Hotpoint have decided to express our views to the whole country, we will get Atwoli attention and the country at large.

We believe in our rights,we know our labor laws and we will not be intimidated anymore.

Here’s Rahul Kochhar, the senior manager who allegedly had an accident when having anal sex with a lady inside his car.
Via Cyprian Nyakundi

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  1. So what? Was it rape ama alijpeana tako roho safi? If ni rape angeenda polisi, but if it is the usual bottom power then shida ni kwake. Placing the guys photo here is in bad taste. Wapi ya the lady? I do not always like these business types but i dislike lopsided reporting like this even more. What do you expect Atwoli to do in this matter, come and wipe the lady's but hole? You know what to do when it comes to industrial action. Picket is you have to or throw some rocks, burn tires etc to be heard concerning your grievances, but parading some fool for consensual anal sex is a no-no. Kama hangefutwa angesema? Wacheni ujinga.