Saturday September 14, 2019-Self-proclaimed National Resistance Movement (NRM) general, Miguna Miguna, has launched an attack on the Director of Criminal Investigations(DCI), George Kinoti "for lying" to Kenyans about the gruesome murder of Tob Cohen.

On Friday, Kinoti said it is DCI detectives who solved the murder of Tob Cohen.

But Miguna Miguna, who is still in exile in Canada, claimed that Kinoti was taking credit for work that he didn't do.

The firebrand lawyer claimed Cohen's body was discovered by Dutch detectives who had arrived in Kenya a few days before discovery.

"They DID NOT "discover" Tob Cohen's body. The Dutch detectives who arrived in Kenya just a few days ago did," Miguna wrote.

The “General” further alleged that the Kenyan investigative agency was incompetent and corrupt and had no professionalism in doing their work.

"You are corrupt and incompetent. You didn't even secure the scene. You have been rummaging through and contaminating the scene like rogue beavers," he said.


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