Thursday September 19, 2019-A team of pathologists on Wednesday conducted an autopsy on late Tob Cohen’s body where they all agreed on circumstances that led to his death.

The pathologists consisting of Government Chief Pathologist, Dr Johansen Oduor, family pathologist Dr Andrew Kanyi, agreed that the killers tortured Tob Cohen before dumping his body in a septic tank at his Kitisuru home.

Cohen’s decomposing body was found last Friday afternoon — eight weeks after his disappearance.

During the postmortem, pathologists collected DNA under his finger nails that would provide credible leads in unmasking his killers once the analysis is completed.

The much-awaited postmortem examination was performed at the Chiromo Funeral Parlour in the presence of his widow Sara Wairimu, his sister Gabrielle Cohen, the investigating officer and other family members.

Sarah Wairimu and her clandestine lover, Peter Karanja are the main suspects in the gruesome murder that shocked the entire country.


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