Thursday September 19, 2019-Slain billionaire Tob Cohen’s widow, Sarah Wairimu, could only utter the words 'very sad’ after witnessing the post-mortem on her husband's body. 

An attempt by journalists to get her side of the story proved futile as she remained economical on her words.

This comes as Chief Government pathologist Dr Johansen Odour, who conducted an autopsy on Cohen’s body, said that the results of the process will only be made public after the order from the court.  

Oduor said that the process revealed how he was murdered and the potential date the heinous act was undertaken. 

The pathologist was tasked with representing the government in the murder case while Prof Andrew Gachie and Prof Emily Rogena represented Wairimu and the family of the slain tycoon respectively. 

Gachie said that the pathologists are compiling a report on the process, adding that they will share the same at the right time.

“We are going to compile the report, which will be sent to respective concerned parties,” Dr Gachie said, revealing it might take a few weeks since there were toxicological tests to be done.

He also dismissed claims that they had differences over the tests. The autopsy test was conducted after the Wairimu wrote to Chiromo Mortuary opposing the release of the body to the sister of the deceased.


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