Wednesday September 25, 2019-The mother of Meru Senator Mithika Linturi’s estranged wife, Marianne Kitany, Ms Rhoda Kitany, yesterday appeared in court in defense of her daughter, confirming that she was indeed married to the Senator.

Rhoda said that the senator gifted her a car as a sign of appreciation after he married the daughter. She insisted that the marriage between Linturi and her daughter was conducted in accordance with the Meru culture. 

She said that the two got married after dating for some months before he decided to gift her the car as well as pride price.

“Thank you, my son-in-law. It has really helped me, even in spreading the word of God. Here are the keys. The vehicle is parked outside,” she said as she dangled the car keys.

She also said that the senator had visited her home on several occasions in the company of MPs and Senators before they tied the knot with her wealthy daughter. 

She also told the court that the lawmaker had taken her title deeds and used them to secure loans but he has never returned them since that time. 

Kitany’s mother also reiterated that things were going on well for the two lovers until they started facing financial related woes is when the senator decided to abandon Kitany.


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  1. So he was just after Kittany's money? Is Linturi a man or a male? Just wondering