Monday, September 16, 2019-The estranged wife of the late Dutch tycoon Tob Cohen is building a hotel at her rural home in Othaya, Nyeri County.

According to neighbours, Sarah Wairimu bought one care land at an area which borders Aberdares forest and she in the process of constructing a hotel.

However, the project seems to have stalled and the last time she was seen around the upcoming facility was around April.

Villagers say that Wairimu and Cohen used to visit the project together to inspect the ongoing construction.

They later stopped coming to the site together.

The Dutch tycoon would visit the site alone while his wife was seen in the company of strangers.

In his last tour, Cohen took photos of the upcoming hotel and cautioned neighbours against talking about his visit to strangers.

This suggests that he was locked in a dispute with his estranged wife over the facility.

Here’s part  of the extensive  hotel that borders Aberdares Forest.


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