Thursday September 26, 2019 - Deputy President William Ruto is planning to use a huge chunk of his money to campaign for Jubilee Party candidate, Macdonald Mariga, in the looming Kibra by-election slated for November 7th.

According to highly placed sources, the DP has mobilised close to Sh300 million for Mariga.
Mariga, who is a former football star, has on his part raised over Sh200 million which brings the total amount for the campaigns to Sh500 million.

Sources said Ruto is determined to humiliate his main rival in 2022, Raila Odinga by staging a massive fight with cash to Kibra voters to sway them to vote for the Jubilee candidate, and repeat the feat he did in Lang’ata in 2013 that saw his Jubilee candidate thrash Raila’s man.

Mariga‘s money has come from betting firms that are keen to have a lawmaker who will articulate their concerns in parliament and mobilise MPs to rally to their cause.

Ruto is planning to bribe the Luhya electorate who are the majority in Kibera

In his plan, Ruto is planning to lure 30,000 voters, most of them Luhyas by giving each Sh5000 in total.

The money will be dished out to voters in phases to ensure they remain behind the Jubilee candidate until the last day.

This brings the total amount to be spent on buying voters to Sh150 million.

The remaining sum will be used in meeting logistics as well as donation to churches, women groups and youths.

In Kibra, the Luhya account for 36,000 voters, Luos 28,000, Kikuyus 25,000, Kambas 21,000, Nubians 13,000 and others comprising of Kalenjins, Kisiis, Merus, Taitas, Maasais and Mijikendas etc 22,000.


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