Friday September 27, 2019 - Somalia President Mohamed Farmajo used his inaugural United Nations speech on Thursday to dismiss the call for talks with Kenya over the maritime row.

In his maiden speech to the UN, Farmajo stated that the matter was in court and that the International Court of Justice (ICJ) should be the ultimate arbiter because talks between the two countries had collapsed.

He also noted that the bilateral negotiations held earlier did not achieve peaceful cohesion.
He further noted that his country was committed to seeing the judicial settlement process until its end.

Farmajo stated that he was ready to accept the outcome of the case and comply with the court's final judgement.

The firm-talking President added that as a matter of international law, the court's judgment will be binding on Kenya as well.

“We are very pleased that the court found that it had jurisdiction to resolve the dispute and that is scheduled for the final hearing for the merit case in November this year,” he added.

Earlier on, President Uhuru Kenyatta had stated that he was open to other dispute resolution mechanisms, emphasising on dialogue.

“I have always believed and stood my ground that dialogue is the best and amicable way for finding the best and positive solution.”

“This brings us together as opposed to a conflict that pushes away from each other,” Kenyatta had suggested.

In 2014, in conformity with international laws, Somalia instituted proceedings before the ICJ, the highest legal authority of the United Nations, over the border dispute with Kenya.


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