Thursday September 19, 2019-Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga has broken his silence after President Uhuru Kenyatta endorsed Jubilee's Kibra parliamentary candidate, McDonald Mariga.

Speaking from his Capitol Hill office in Nairobi, the former Prime Minister maintained that his party had fronted Imran Okoth as their party representative for Kibra, adding that he advocated for peaceful campaigns in the spirit of mature democracy.

"We would like to see that the campaigns in Kibra Constituency is done in a very peaceful and friendly atmosphere.”

“We don't want to see any kind of violence in this campaign. We want to show Kenyans and the world that Kenyan democracy is maturing," stated Raila.

The former PM notedthat his party would lead by example in conducting peaceful campaigns.

"I can give them an assurance that ODM is going to conduct itself in a very dignified and peaceful manner in this campaign," he added.

On Wednesday, Uhuru invited Jubilee Party’s Kibra by-election candidate, McDonald Mariga, and finally endorsed him at State House, thus bringing an end to speculation that he preffered Raila’s candidate, Imran, to Jubilee’s Mariga, who is being bankrolled by Deputy President William Ruto.


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