Sunday September 22, 2019-Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) Director of Communications, Philip Etale, has questioned Deputy President William Ruto's unending attacks on ODM party leader Raila Odinga.

The DP and his allies have been directing numerous attacks at the former Prime Minister lately, the latest one coming on Saturday when he (Ruto) toured parts of Embu County.

In response through a tweet, Etale wondered why the DP appears obsessed with Odinga, lashing out at him for always getting a reason to mention him.

He said that Ruto's attacks on Raila whenever he gets the chance is an indication that Raila is making him politically uncomfortable.

"William Ruto be like, Raila THIS, Raila THAT. This man Raila seems to be giving him a lot of nightmares. He drinks, eats, breaths, sleeps Raila Odinga. Sometimes one has to laugh and say, OBSESSION, so loudly," he said.

In his rant on Saturday, the DP accused Raila of meddling in the ruling Jubilee Party with the intention of breaking it to give him an easy time in the fast approaching 2022 General Elections.

However, he warned that the same will not happen as the party remains strong and steady.

"Huyu mtu wa vitandawili (this man of proverbs) is trying to destroy Jubilee, thinking that by doing so he will ascend to power. I want to tell him that Jubilee is built on a strong foundation and he will not succeed in bringing it down," Ruto said.



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