Friday, September 20, 2019-Traders from the Kikuyu community who operate in Kitengela town have accused Kajiado Governor Joseph Ole Lenku of tribalism following frequent harassment by the council askaris.

The council askaris have been camping in markets and other businesses  owned by Kikuyus and harassing them under the instructions of the Governor.

A Maasai trader shared a video of the merciless council askaris harassing women in the market and even firing live bullets in salon owned by Kikuyus  and said,” This is what Governor Lenku is doing to his Kitengela Wananchi and wamama wa Sokoni. This is total disgrace and Inhumane for other Tribes. Am a maasai but hii kitu ya Tribalism haifaai uongozini. KJD South is crying over impunity, Kitengela over harrasment... Soon its Kajiado North, Rongai and Kiserian. We are watching

See the videos.


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  1. Who doesn't know that Ole - lenku is a stupid tribalist like Murkomen???

  2. It is his normal behavior n tribalistic more especially when he see other tribes prospering n working hard more than them..