Friday September 20, 2019-The mystery death of Dutch tycoon Tob Cohen has taken a new twist after his estranged wife, Sarah Wairimu, confirmed that she is not ready to attend the reading of his will. 

Through his lawyer Philip Murgor, Sarah, who is the prime suspect in the case, argued that the contents of the will are likely to have been compromised. 

She also claimed that the fact that the late tycoon left behind the Sh. 400 million Villa in Nairobi for his sister shows that there is nothing good from the will she expects at the end of the day. 

She said that the relatives of the deceased tycoon are likely to have changed the contents of the will in question thereby making it meaningless.

“It is evident that the confidential nature of the will you claim to possess or any others for that matter has been severely compromised, to the extent that our client has instructed us to inform you that she does not wish to participate in any related process,” Sarah said.

She has affirmed that the will that will be executed on behalf of the deceased must be presented to the High Court. 



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  1. Lawyer Phillip Murgor: your brought GOD's judgment against yourself for being a false witness/defender of a arrogant cold blooded killer of Job. Watch the movie "Munich" for free and you will know nobody kills/defends a killer of an Israeli.

    Let her mungikis defend her and not you phillip.