Sunday September 29, 2019-Siblings of slain Dutch tycoon, Tob Cohen, want his widow Sarah Wairimu denied bail "because we could be targets for elimination should she be free".

Through their lawyer, Cliff Ombeta, Bernard Cohen and Gabriella Van Straten said releasing Wairimu will pose a threat to their lives given the gravity of the crime she is accused of.

Wairimu, 52, is suspected to have killed her 71-year-old husband. She is yet to take a plea.
Bernard and Gabrielle claim the nature of the offence committed and the ghastly manner in which it was executed, make them apprehensive that they could be marked as easy targets in reprisal, putting their lives in danger.

"As family members of the deceased, whom the applicant is suspected to have murdered, I'm apprehensive about my safety as a witness in the trial, should the applicant be released on bail.

"I have a reasonable apprehension that given the gruesome manner in which the deceased person in this matter met his death, family members of the deceased could be targets for elimination," Benard and Gabriele say.

The relatives also told the court that being direct family members of Tob as well as trial witnesses against Wairimu, they run the risk of being zeroed in on for possible elimination in the gruesome manner in which their brother Tob was tortured and executed should she be released.


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