Monday September 2, 2019-The wife of missing Dutch businessman, Tob Cohen, has come out to refute claims her hubby is a billionaire barely two weeks after his disappearance.

Tob Cohen disappeared on July 19 and his wife Sarah Wairimu Kamotho is among suspects who have been arrested in connection with his disappearance.

In a post published on her own blog, I am Sarah Cohen, which she started in a bid to clear her name, the lady sensationally refuted claims she is an opportunist and held that they both worked for everything they have or had.

''In an effort to portray me as an opportunist, one recurring narrative that has been going round lately has to do with Tob’s net worth. While I am not about to feed the conspiracy theorists out there by sensationalizing this any further, I would like to simply state that my husband and I are not billionaires,'' she wrote.

She also said she married Cohen when she was 23 and all that they have is through hardwork and perseverance.

''When I met Tob, he was not a wealthy man. He was doing okay, but he was not overly wealthy. I was 23 when we met, and together we started and have been running our golf tours and safaris business since. With our sweat and effort, we built it into the business it is today, culminating in us getting awarded as Africa’s Best Golf Tour Operator in 2018,'' Sarah wrote.

The wife said people believe they are billionaires because Cohen used to move around telling people they are, yet in real sense they are not. The lass admitted that indeed they were well off but the hubby net-worth was exaggerated.

''Our efforts have enabled us to live a comfortable life, but certainly not a lavish one. Due to his bombastic, larger-than-life personality, Tob has often gone round telling people that he’s immensely wealthy. This has, perhaps, fed into the narrative that he is one of Kenya’s wealthiest men, and the evidence is in our lifestyle,'' she said

Sarah, who is already in police custody, will be arraigned in court once police complete investigations.


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