Saturday September 14, 2019-Director of Criminal Investigations (DCI),George Kinoti ,has said the murder of Dutch tycoon, Tob Cohen, was done in a gruesome manner and vowed to ensure all culprits involved in the murder are brought to book.

Addressing journalists on Friday, Kinoti said his men have identified that late Cohen’s wife, Sarah Wairimu paid assassins Sh 40,000 to kill him and dump his body into a septic tank.

Kinoti also said the murder was planned by four people including an ex-husband to a Nakuru MP.

The four reportedly lured the established golfer to his death and they dumped his body in a septic tank.

According to Kinoti, Sarah’s motive of killing Cohen was because of a looming divorce case and she thought that the divorce would take away her admirable lifestyle.

It has also emerged that the late Cohen was living in fear for his life during the last days of his life, as he told his friend and former Gatundu North MP Patrick Muiruri.


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  1. And how comes that the body had not decomposed even after after being in a septic for more than 40 days? Something is not adding up