Friday September 20, 2019-Merciless husband killer, Sarah Wairimu, has once again moved to court seeking permission to attend the burial of her husband Tob Cohen on Monday.

Wairimu, who is incarcerated at Langata Women’s Prison over Cohen‘s murder want to be escorted by prison authorities to Jewish Cemetery along along Wangari Mathai road where the burial will take place.

The Jewish traditions prescribe that one should be laid to rest as soon as possible, preferably within 36 hours.

Through her lawyer, Philip Murgor, Wairimu said she was legally married to Cohen and she has a constitutional right to bury her.

Murgor also said Cohen’s sister Gabrielle is an alien in Kenya and she has no authority over Cohen’s body.

“The notion that the sister is entitled to the body is alien in the Kenyan Law….. Sarah is innocent under the Kenyan Constitution and nothing has happened so far to take away her right to her husband’s body,” Murgor said.


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  1. Lawyer Phillip Murgor: your brought GOD's judgment against yourself for being a false witness/defender of a arrogant cold blooded killer of Job. Watch the movie "Munich" for free and you will know nobody kills/defends a killer of an Israeli.

    Let her mungikis defend her and not you phillip.