Thursday, September 12, 2019-Controversial Laikipia Women Rep, Cate Waruguru, who is among the most vocal politicians in Ruto’s Tanga Tanga team, has been put on the spot after she harassed a disabled man at Re Insurance Plaza, Nairobi.

According to an eye witness, Waruguru and his bullish driver blocked the parking lot that is slated for the disabled people.
A disabled man who had parked his salon car had to wait  for the Women Rep and her driver for over 20 minutes to come and clear the parking lot that they had blocked.

After Waruguru was done with her business, she came to the parking lot with her driver and started harassing the disabled man despite being the one in the wrong.

She reportedly hurled insults to him and confiscated his license.

She then sped off and told the disabled driver to follow her to Intelligence house if he needs the license.

Here’s a post from a disgruntled Kenyan who witnessed the shameless Women Rep take the law into her own hands.



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