Friday, September 20, 2019-Infamous city preacher Pastor James Maina Ng’ang’a of Neno Evangelism has been pulling crazy stunts that leaves Kenyans questioning his mental status.

When Ng’ang’a takes to the pulpit, he behaves like a depressed man.

He has been hurling unprintable insults to his critics and threatening them in the pulpit.

A popular city pastor who claims Ng’ang’a  mentored him even offered free counselling services, saying that he is fighting  depression.

However, Ng’ang’a has refuted rumours that he is depressed and told off those who are saying  that he is planning to commit suicide.

According to the preacher, he can’t bear the thought of leaving his beautiful wife to another man.

Mwengine akaandika akasema amekutana na Ng’ang’a na V8 ameona Ng’ang’a ako na stress ni kama anataka kujinyonga. Uko na wazimu.( Someone claimed  that they met me driving my V8(Toyota  Landcruiser) looking so stressed. They say I want to commit suicide. You are mad.”  He told his congregants.

Look at my beautiful wife, sasa utajinyonga uachie huyu nani?( Whom will I leave her with I if I hang myself?” he posed as the congregants laughed.

 “Na gari yangu na nyumba je? Kule nakaa majirani zangu ni wazungu (What about my car and house? My neighbours are white people)”, He further bragged.


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  1. dont mind them Pastor they are sent by the devil to destroy your deliverance ministry. mapepo hawa