Monday, September 30, 2019 - Former Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe was buried on Saturday, September 28th following a bitter dispute over his resting place between Government officials, traditional leaders and family members.  

Mugabe, who was Zimbabwe's first leader after the country gained independence in 1980 and held on to power for almost four decades before being ousted in a coup in 2017, was buried in his home in Kutama, Zvimba, 40 kilometres North West of Harare.

However, his steel coffin that was encased with concrete has left tongues wagging.

Apparently, Mugabe’s family believe that there are people keen to steal Mugabe’s body and went to great lengths to secure his remains.

“People really are after his body or his body parts, so we wanted something that is tamper-proof.”

“That is why the casket was changed,” a family member told a local radio station.

After the coffin was lowered into the ground in a private ceremony close to the home which Grace Mugabe had built after their marriage, concrete was laid down around it. 

Mugabe's family claimed that this was the burial place he had ultimately wanted and had spoken of in the last six months of his life in Singapore.

The late politician had also made it clear that President Mnangagwa and his loyalists, who ousted him from power were not welcome at the burial.

His wife, Grace, said had that had he been buried at Heroes Acre, the burial site preferred by the Government, she would not have been able to prevent their attendance.

See the photo below.

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