Sunday September 29, 2019-Youth and Gender Affairs Chief Administrative Secretary, Rachael Shebesh, has dismissed her critics who have been questioning her meeting with former Mungiki leader, Maina Njenga.

This is after a section of Jubilee leaders allied to Deputy President William Ruto accused her of spoiling youths by meeting them at night at his home.

There also concerns of Mungiki factor, a criminal and outlawed gang.

Speaking yesterday, Shebesh insisted that she was aware of the viral video and that there is nothing criminal meeting former radicalised youths.

"I want to put records straight on a video that has been going around showing me speak to Maina Njenga. I am a minister for youths and many of them came to see me at my residence. We had seven MCAs from Laikipia in that room and my mother.”

"I want to tell people who are being petty that I knew that video was being taken and that's why I was speaking. Radicalisation is a problem. I cannot run away and I have to speak to these youths and educate them on other ways of making a living,” Shebesh said.

During the meeting, Shebesh asked the former Mungiki leader and his team to support President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga on their efforts to unite Kenya.

On his part, Maina claimed that residents in Central Kenya were being intimidated and wondered why the politicians were too focused on dividing President Uhuru Kenyatta's backyard.

"We are not happy with this intimidation. We will not allow people to come from Rift Valley and divide people in Central Kenya. Why is it that Central is the only place they are dividing? If they can do this when Uhuru is alive and in office, what will they do when he is gone?" he posed.


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