Saturday, September 21, 2019-Controversial city prophet David Owuor of Repetance and Holliness Ministry has been accused of turning his new Runda home into a brothel.

Although the bearded prophet pretends to be celibate, he has been taking advantage of the brainwashed women who religiously follow him by soliciting sex from them.

Insiders from Owuor’s church have leaked a photo of the women that Owuor is sleeping with to a popular blogger who exposes the rot at the prophet’s church.

A young lady identified as Harriet is said to be the prophet’s latest catch.

The ladies have been frequenting Owuor’s Runda home to service him during prayer meetings that turn into sex escapades.
Just recently, a Senior Bishop, confidant and personal assistant of the controversial prophet was ex-communicated after several women who attend the church’s Kasarani branch narrated how he has been sexually exploiting them.

They revealed that Owuor has been applying anointing oil on their naked bodies, including private parts.

See photo of the ladies allegedly servicing the controversial prophet.

See the reactions from Kenyans.


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