Thursday September 19, 2019 - Kenya Films and Classification Board (KFCB) boss, Ezekiel Mutua, has pleaded with religious leaders to wake up from slumber and come to the rescue of Neno Evangelism founder, Pastor James Ng'ang'a.

Ng’ang’a has hit headlines lately for all the wrong reasons, a move that has prompted Mutua to appeal for help before the rogue pastor runs mad completely.

In a passionate address to journalists, Mutua said Ng'ang'a needed help describing some of his sermons which go viral as "madness.”

The moral police took issue with the National Council of Churches of Kenya (NCCK) and Evangelical Alliance of Kenya for being too shy to condemn vices propagated by some of their colleagues.

"Some level of madness that we are witnessing must be called out and brought to an end.”

“There is nothing funny with the circulation of content that we are seeing.”

“Where is the Evangelical Alliance of Kenya, where is the NCCK?”

“Are there no systems where we can hold each other to account even as religious leaders?”

“NCCK cannot call out Pastor Ng'ang'a...Evangelical Alliance cannot”

“I think he needs help," said Mutua.

According to Mutua, the Government may, at some point, be compelled to impose regulations on religious institutions if the rot witnessed in churches is not checked.


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