Monday September 23, 2019 - Several top Government officials and politicians could be arrested in a few months’ time following the Government's commitment to end the Mau Forest quagmire.
Part of Moi's Kiptagich Tea Farm
According to Rift Valley Regional Commissioner George Natembeya, the Government will charge those linked to irregular allocation of land to settlers.

Among them are big Government officials and politicians.

Already, the Government has visited graves of those suspects who have since died.

“All Government officials who were involved have recorded statements.”

“For those who have died, we have gone to their graves to confirm that they have indeed died.”

“We also have their death certificates,” Mr Natembeya revealed during an interview.

“We have already handed their files to the DPP, and it’s just a matter of time before they are arrested and charged,” he added.

This comes even as Kalenjin leaders have opposed Mau evictions, insisting that only those who encroached the official boundary should be evicted.

“This was a scheme to give the people false confidence that the ballooning was credible; that this was a trust land available for settlement,” stated Natembeya.

Over 60,000 families are facing eviction from Africa's largest canopy forest, with some reports indicating that most of them were genuine buyers.


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  1. Watu watoke Mau catchment areas period. Pili forget about the dead, just return the land. Last but not least teach the still living looters a lesson they will take to their graves.... and not just Mau, but looters everywhere. Time we cleaned house and be damned ata kama we ulikua, uko ama utakua nani Kenya hii and beyond. The crazy looting in the country is not sustainable. Apply the breaks and reverse the trend now or we all cry bitterly later.