Saturday September 7, 2019-Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi has yet again hit back at Cherangany MP Joshua Kutuny, accusing him of losing track on serious matters affecting the nation.

Speakig at the burial in Cherangany, Sudi poked holes into Kutuny's private life, a move that could further escalate political differences in Rift Valley.

He claimed that Kutuny had married an older wife, arguing that she's responsible for his political statements in the recent past.

Sudi asked Kutuny to divorce his wife Nancy, adding that should he continue staying with her, things could get out of hands.

"The problem with Kutuny, and Bishop and I want to say this and you correct. When you marry, you get a wife who is younger than you or even of the same age. But when it reaches a point you're dating a woman who is 55 years and you're in your 30s, things will get worse.”

"The problem with Kutuny is very small, it has nothing to do with Cherangany people. He married someone who is his mother's age mate. I want to advice Kutuny to divorce Nancy. He is spoiling his life," he said.

Kutuny has stood out to the chief critic of Deputy President William Ruto and has lately accused the DP of doing little to help people facing evictions from Mau forest.

He argued that Ruto was using Mau forest evictions to undermine President Uhuru Kenyatta.

“We cannot subject our people to misery for political gain. We cannot allow you to use your proxies to fight one side of the Government," he stated.

Kutuny has now challenged the DP to spend the money he donates every weekend to support those affected in the exercise if he was concerned about their suffering.



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