Wednesday, September 11, 2019 - This lady’s opinion on why working married women should make financial contributions in their houses instead of leaving their husbands with all the baggage has elicited a heated debate on social media.

This is the message that most married women don’t like to hear.

Read and tell us whether you support her.

“I am of the opinion that men who allow the slogan: MY MONEY IS MINE AND YOUR MONEY IS OURS, in their homes should give the bottle a break when things go wrong with the health of their financial muscle!

Any man who allows zero financial responsibility from a woman who works, should not bore his friends with, “my woman is giving me stress” when calamity strikes!

Majority of Kenyan women are like teenagers quite unfortunately! They want to be treated like adults but behave like children! It is your duty as a man to direct and formulate policies for your home to ensure that, should things go wrong in the future, your family is taken care of. Every little helps!

If you pay for all the bills in the house, pay school fees, house girl, whisk your family away on holiday....etc, and your woman has nothing to do with it, eti coz you have enough and are proud of providing - even when your wife is working - excuse our ears too from, “she’s giving me stress coz we can’t afford the same lifestyle or because she doesn’t want to look after the home financially as I sort myself out...”!

There’s no adult under the sun who should not have financial responsibility, if he/she is earning, no matter how blessed you are as a partner! Financial responsibility should be a duty and a skill of every working adult!!!

And women, any woman who thinks that what she earns should have no contribution towards her own family, should either go back to her parents or back to Stone Age!”

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