Monday, September 23, 2019-Here’s a thought provoking piece  by popular columnist Silas Nyanchwani that has vital lessons in life.

What do you think is more important in life? Money or peace of mind?

This is a must read for all Kenyans.

Someone asked in the Facebook, Group Kenya, "Between Money and Peace, which one would you prefer?"

Now, Group Kenya is like Reddit. Some of the answers were so hilarious, and women were decidedly cheeky, the constant answer being, that, there can be never peace if there is no money.

I have met smart women who are not impressed much with Rangerovers, and material stuff that men front. I remember a particular case from my village. Some braggart in USA tried to impress some lady by building a humongous house in the village. But the lady had chewed book, was working with a great state corporation and could smell the man's bullshit from a mile. She dumped him and I remember everyone commenting on the man's arrogance with his 'little' money and how it had turned off the lady.

There are women who would have moved into that house without blinking and the man would have no doubt been poisonous.

But I have noticed some women, even those who have university degree, grovel in front of my richer friends and it is often appalling. They can stomach so much bullshit with an astonishing patience, as long as the man lives along in a good neighbourhood and can buy pricey liquor in Kiza.

These are the women who marry men for money, and believe that crying in a Range Rover can never be compared to laughing on a bicycle. Yet as soon they settle down with the man, they come to learn how fatally flawed their men are and are hardly prepared to deal with how men their men make the money. If you saw how a sausage is made, you will never eat it. But women, have an astonishing capacity to withstand the ugly process.

Some women in Karen have to live with the fact their husbands are so evil, perverted and sick (physically and mentally), but they are so trapped to walk away.

I am not trying to rationalise poverty. Definitely, we all can use money. But I'd rather peace so as to make money, than money so as to get peace.

If you set out to make money as an end in itself, your life on Earth will be miserable. You can rise to be the president like Trump, but your heart will never be at home. Always, and I mean always, find the right reason, the right motivation for searching for wealth.

May the week break.

Good morning Nairobi, Kenya.


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