Thursday September 12, 2019-Kirinyaga County Governor, Anne Waiguru, has once again said Kenyans are not ready for another President from the Kikuyu or Kalenjin communities.

Speaking during her 2nd State of the County Address on Wednesday, Waiguru said the two communities have produced occupants of the State House since Independence, noting Kenyans won't accept the same trend to continue after the 2022 polls.

“Let’s be honest, Kenya has many communities and one or two cannot continue dominating the leadership of this country,” Waiguru said.

She said for more communities to feel included in the country's leadership, there was a need to support the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) which she predicted will propose the creation of positions of the Prime Minister and two deputies.

“The BBI is a solution to ending political violence each and every electoral circle. It will also ensure that the political interests of many communities are taken care of,” Waiguru said.


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  1. political whore, for your information Kenya had 43/43 tribes and your tribe has been the president for the republic of Kenya three time and all they've doing is looting and electing thieves like you to public office through rigging. Go repent from you political crime then you can talk, until then all that you say is ushenzi with your IQ of -5 to 0.
    Moi was a keben and the dp is not keben. Whore get your facts right from your tribal cooked history on our Kenyan Historical books for a start.

  2. the bbi is a document drafted under fucking by wholes, thieves and gays/lesbians. It doesn't represent the aspirations of whole the citizens of Kenya but fools and zombies as you.