Wednesday, September 4, 2019 - A Nigerian businessman has narrated how he watched helplessly as his multi-million car dealership in South Africa was reduced to ashes in the ongoing xenophobic attacks.

The attackers descended on his yard in Johannesburg and burnt over 50 cars after looting whatever they lay their hands son.

The car dealership owner identified as Kennedy Orji estimates his losses from the burnt cars at over 3 million rands (Approx. Sh24 million)

"I sell used cars and 30 cars that were my bread and hard-earned investment were burnt to ashes and I don't know why," said Orji.

"My heart broke as I helplessly watched everything perishing into flames.”

“I'm lost for words and aggrieved because my own black brothers and sisters did this cruel deed to me."

"All we want at this point is South Africa sanctioned, because until that is done these xenophobic and criminal attacks will proceed."

"South Africans need to remember that during apartheid, neighboring countries fought with them, our fathers fought for them.”

"We are Africans who are being chased out of our own African country because of unnecessary hate and unproven allegations," he asserted.

Check out the photos below.


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