Sunday September 22, 2019-Deputy President William Ruto, on Saturday lashed out at a contractor who had been awarded a tender to construct a multi-million road.

Speaking at Kabaci Village in Embu County, Ruto stated that the contract had been canceled and awarded to another person.

"The government will continue dealing ruthlessly with cowboy contractors," Ruto stamped his authority.

He added that Ksh800 million had already been set aside to provide electricity to over 15,000 residents.

He also noted that Ksh2.5 billion had been allocated in the construction of dams to enhance food production in the arid Mbeere area.

"We want to transform the lives of people by providing water for irrigation," he told the residents.

Speaking in the same county, Ruto asked to pray for former Prime Minister Raila Odinga, claiming that the former PM’s behavior was erratic and that he required help.

"Huyu mtu wa vitendawili (Raila) is trying to destroy Jubilee, thinking that by doing so he will ascend to power. I want to tell him that Jubilee is built on a strong foundation and he will not succeed in bringing it down.

"Odinga should sort out the mess in his party instead of intruding into Jubilee which is focusing on development," he added.



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