Wednesday, September 18, 2019-A boy from Consolata School has been trending online after he recorded a video hurling insults and threatening a fellow pupil who spread rumour in school that he is gay.

The 12 year old boy with a foul mouth left little to imagine as he hurled unprintable insults and threatened to kill the girl who was bad-mouthing him.

He threatened to push the girl down the cliff during an upcoming school trip and then disguise it as a normal accident.

He even invoked the girl’s mother in his rant and insulted her badly.

More details on the spoilt boy have emerged.

According to neighbours in one of the posh estates in Nairobi, he is very violent and bullish even around the estate.

The kids and adults around his neighbor-hood fear him.

He has in the past reported to have smashed car’s windscreen of a neighbor who had crossed his path.

“He is very violent. He smashes people’s windscreen if you cross his path.” A neighbor revealed.

The cut he has on his lip  is as a result of a confrontation he had with a neighbor.

He is said to have walked through a glass door during the confrontation, injuring his lip.

The boy’s mother is said to be a heavy drinker who spends most of her time in top entertainment joints in Nairobi.

His naughty behaviours can be blamed on absent parenting.


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