Tuesday September 24, 2019 - Yesterday’s school tragedy, where a two-storey building at Precious Talents School in Ng’ando area collapsed, left many parents in distress.

One such parent, Mildred Naliaka, narrated her harrowing experience after she found out that her seven-year-old daughter, Whitney Wekesa, had died.

Naliaka revealed that her daughter threw quite a tantrum before she went to school that morning.

The distressed mother narrated that her daughter refused to have her breakfast, adding that she returned home, a few minutes after she had been sent to school.

"She came back and asked me to give her money for snacks.”

“I told her I didn't have money and persuaded her to go back to school," Naliaka disclosed.
Finally, Ms Naliaka managed to convince Whitney to go back to school.

After she left, Ms Nalika decided to lie down but after a few minutes, she heard commotion by the neighbours.

On inquiring, Ms Naliaka found out that her daughter's school, which was a walking distance, had collapsed.

It is at this point that she rushed to the school, hoping that she would rescue her daughter.

However, on reaching the school, she found the lifeless body of her daughter at the scene of the incident.

"I fought to take her body and leave with it, but they restrained me and refused," she narrated.


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