Monday September 16, 2019-Nairobi Women Representative, Ester Muthoni Passaris, has been admitted at Aga Khan Hospital, Nairobi, where she will undergo a complex surgery to save her from inevitable doom.

In a video posted on her social media, Passaris explained that she was in pain and had been put on up to eight tablets a day to ease the pain.

She said her physicians, Dr Thikra Shariff and Mr Livingstone Olunya diagonised her with spinal problems and they are going to conduct a surgery.

“Admitted at the Aga Khan Hospital for a Medial Branch Block procedure plus Paraspinal L3 to S1 under the care of Dr Thikra Shariff and Mr Livingstone Olunya," she disclosed.

She stated that rudimentary tasks such as walking had become a tall order due to her condition.

"I miss gyming, I have not been able to exercise. I can't walk for more than half an hour. I can't sleep at night and that's why I look exhausted. Even with the painkillers, I can't sleep," she said.


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