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Thursday, September 5, 2019 - Thugs posing as police officers made away with a staggering Sh72 million on Thursday morning from G4S personnel and Standard Chartered Bank in Nairobi West.

According to police sources, part of the cash was stolen as G4S staff transported it in a van while the rest was withdrawn from an ATM.

The G4S staff had collected money from their headquarters on Witu Road and were taking it to StanChart’s Nairobi West branch.

The courier personnel were escorted by uniformed officers who they thought were cash-in-transit police officers only for the officers to turn out to be criminals.

When they reached Nairobi West, the thugs demanded part of the money and even demanded for StanChart’s ATM passwords and withdrew more cash.

They later made away with 13 bags loaded with Sh72 million.

This is not the first time money has been lost under controversial circumstances while in transit in Kenya.

In 2013, the popular money courier hit the headlines after the employees of Cooperative Bank, G4S workers and Administration Police officers allegedly colluded to steal over Sh80 million while on transit.


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