Thursday September 26, 2019 - Football star, Macdonald Mariga’s quest to become the next Kibra MP has been dealt a major blow after members of the Nairobi Business community supported ODM's candidate, Imran Okoth.

Speaking during a Press Conference on Wednesday, NBC Chairman, Wilfred Kamau, said that the community has made a decision to rally behind Imran.

According to Kamau, the ODM candidate did a good job while his late brother, Ken Okoth, was receiving treatment abroad.

"We have decided to support Imran because of how he managed Kibra’s affairs, especially when Ken Okoth was in and out of the hospital before his demise,” Kamau said.

The amorphous group which was largely associated with the Jubilee Party during the 2017 general elections, however, maintains that it is still behind President Uhuru Kenyatta.

“We support the President in every manner, which includes the handshake that has brought about Imran... I personally do not think there was any endorsement by the President.”

“We could all read the President’s body language and that said it all,” Kamau noted.

This is a big blow to Mariga who is being fronted by Deputy President William Ruto.


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