A woman has narrated how Dr Mugwanu saved her business from collapsing. MS Njeri, who owns two MPESA shops and a boutique explains what forced her to seek the services of Dr Mugwanu.

“I am now in a position to explain how my business suffered losses until I was about to surrender. I own two MPESA shops and a boutique, which I operate in Nairobi’s Moi Avenue. I have owned these businesses for about three years but this year something worse happened to me.

In January 2017 my business was booming as usual but as the year progressed, I started losing customers. By May 2017 all my businesses were registering a quarter the money I was making before. One day I thought I should seek other people’s opinion to determine whether I was the only one suffering. One by one, the business people along Moi Avenue told me they were experiencing the same. Since I am prayerful, I kept on putting God first hoping that one day the business would return normal.

By July 2017 my business was almost collapsing. Customers reduced to irreducible minimum. One of my MPESA shops used to have long queues before 2017 but this time I hardly got 10 customers.What made me almost shed tears is when my landlord told me to vacate my house because I failed to pay rent.I pleaded with him to give one more month but this is the response he gave me:”kama hauna pesa utoke mwezi ujao,kuna watu wengi wanataka hiyo nyumba”.I felt pain but I didn’t want to lose my fighting spirit in me.

After searching for answers to my business losses, I decided to share with a friend who owns a salon in Donholm.This particular friend told me in black and white: 

“I will show you someone who can help you”. I thought she could refer me to someone to lend me money but she instead referred me to Dr Mugwenu.Njeri(my friend) gave me this number +254740637248 to call and told me to check the doctor’s website  and also send him an email through mugwenudoctors@gmail.com. Since I was desperate I did as she told me.I called the doctor, who arranged a meeting and we finally met.

To cut the story short, after I visited the doctor and got the necessary treatment, my business returned to normalcy. I am now enjoying profits”

CALL - +254740637248 



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