Tuesday September 3, 2019-Meru Senator, Mithinka Linturi’s father Mzee Linturi has passed away.

Mzee Linturi died on Monday in what immediate family members says it was as a result of shock.

The octogenarian died when his son is locked in ugly divorce case with his estranged wife Marianne Kitany.

According to Kitany's lawyers, the elder Linturi was disturbed after finding out that his son had been involved in a major breach of the Ameru customs.

The old man allegedly found out that a "girl from a foreign community" had built his son a house, an occurrence that is shunned upon by the community.

The revelations came up during a testimony given by Marianne where she claimed that she had provided the funds to build the Senator's home in Meru.

Through his lawyers, Linturi denied the claim terming it as an outright lie.

The lawyers further stated that it is unfortunate that the old man may have died due to the effects of Kitany's testimony.


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