Monday September 2, 2019-A close friend of Mama Ida Odinga has surprised Migori County residents after she urinated in her mother in law’s bedroom.

The incident happened last weekend when prominent businessman, Bonke Kamwayi, was paying dowry for his wife.

Risper Andida, the proprietor of Ruby Cut Gardens in Kilimani, who happens to be a close associate of Mama Ida Odinga, is Kamwayi‘s side kick and was one of the people who were listed to accompany the businessman to pay the dowry for his wife Felicity in Migori County.

However when Bonke arrived to his in-law’s house there were signs that Risper was planning to disrupt the dowry ceremony which was attended by prominent Luo politicians and professionals.

According to multiple sources, the whole drama climaxed later in the evening when guests were busy consoling themselves with hits from renowned benga musician Emma Jalamo, handsomely paid to grace the important occasion.

The calculative Risper took advantage of the guests who were lost in Jalamo’s vibrant performance and slithered back to the mother-in-law’s house where she furiously urinated before majestically marching out smiling, ostensibly as a confirmation that her mission was accomplished.

Reliable sources said the woman urinated in all rooms in the house while sipping an expensive whisky.

 She later left the home and drove back to Nairobi.


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  1. She was marking her territory just other animals do i guess...